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♾️✨👁️ These 3 rings from littlerooms are so cool!!

♾️✨👁️ These 3 rings from @littlerooms are so cool!! I love how each ring has a specific theme & #funfacts related to that theme in the description. My giftset included the rhodium plated infinity #midiring, sterling silver hypnosis ring & rhodium plated cry baby signet.

♾️ The infinity ring is so beautiful! This symbol is believed to be based on on the Roman numeral for 1000, which the Romans used to indicate "countless", or omega, the last letter in the Greek alphabet. Time and space that has no end. Destination or point that cannot be reached. Mathematics, love, and the occult. The infinity symbol has found an infinite amount of ways to enter our lives.

✨ The #hypnosis ring is so beautifully detailed. Modern day hypnosis started in the late 18th century and was made popular by a physician. He held the opinion that hypnosis was a sort of #mystical force that flows from the hypnotist to the person being hypnotized. Before long, hypnotism started finding its way into the world of modern medicine. One of the pioneers of hypnotherapy developed his technique of hypnosis after witnessing a traveling Swiss stage performer’s demonstration in 1841.

👁️ The cry baby signet ring is my favorite of the three rings. There are 3 types of tears; basal, reflex, and emotional. Basal tears act as a constant shield between your eye and the world, keeping dirt away. Reflex tears are formed when your eyes need to wash away harmful irritants like smoke or onion fumes. They contain antibodies to fight bacteria. Then you have emotional tears. Produced as a response to sadness, fear, and joy, these tears contain hormones and proteins not present in basal or reflex tears.

⭐ Little Rooms is woman led & family owned. They create beautiful jewelry & accessories you can’t find anywhere else. Each of their designs are original & unique! ! Check them out!


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