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🐭 Zelah was gifted a lifetime membership to last week!

🐭 Zelah was gifted a lifetime membership to last week and has really been enjoying it!. ABCmouse has a new program called "Back to School" that features over 250 specialized reading and math #LearningActivities to help students build good habits for the new school year. 💻🐭

The reading and math activities for #kindergarten and #firstgraders feature customized teaching videos and a variety of practice activities – #thematiclearning videos, games, and interactive experiences – all designed to make #learningfun.

Last night Zelah read to me perfectly out of one of her homeschool beginning reading books and I think her #abcmousegames have a lot to do with her #readingprogress. 🐭 If your kids are struggling with reading, math or any other subjects I highly recommend you check it out ➡️



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