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🫂 Zelah loves her new therapeutic weighted stuffed animal gift.

🫂 Thanks so much fluffyweight! Zelah loves her new

therapeutic weighted stuffed animal gift. The deep pressure sensory stimulation creates such a calming effect on her... especially during any meltdowns. This adorable FluffyWeight cat is way better than any weighted blanket we've ever tried in the past plus she loves to interact with it and it's way more soothing!

🫂 I also love how this cat is specifically designed to have a calming effect for kids like Zelah. It helps kids with challenges like #autism, adhd, #sensoryprocessingdisorders and anxiety. Its cozy body and big fluffy paws embrace her with a calming, comforting hug... proven to reduce stress. It's backed by science, created by a mom and therapist approved! The the interior is naturally weighted to a therapeutic level with a soft latex foam that feels more like a soothing hug!. 

To learn more about all the amazing benefits of these therapeutic weighted stuffed animals visit.


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