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🦷 Zelah loves her new brite brush game tooth brush!!

Zelah loves her new @brite_brush game #toothbrush!! I love it because it encourages her to brush her #teeth more effectively and longer. It's a smart toothbrush for kids that uses songs, games and live coaching to encourage proper brushing techniques This gifted toothbrush from #britebrush is easy and fun to use, right out of the box. Zelah simply follows the live coaching instructions and I love how no additional apps or timers needed! She receives instant feedback with the vibrating brush handle and is prompted when to change sides to ensure her whole mouth gets covered. There's even a parent check light when you hold down the button for two seconds it will light up red, yellow or green depending on brushing performance. This is perfect for ages 5 and up and is currently available @target @walmart, @amazon and @walgreens   


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