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💜 Zelah had so much fun with her lilwishlanterns giftset today.

💜 Zelah had so much fun with her @lilwishlanterns giftset today. Lil Wish Lanterns magically light up once your child makes a wish with the pull of a string. There are 32 collectible Wishimals to place in the lantern once the wish is made and watch the magic happen where the lantern lights up and the journey of the #Wishimal begins! The wish travels far to the magical land of Wishlandia: The land of Friendship, the land of  Love, the land of Courage, and the land of Happiness to make wishes come true!

💗 You can find the new #lilwishlanterns as well as the 32 collectables on @Amazon @learningexpresstoys @beaconmediagrp




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