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🐸 Zelah had so much fun with her Dissect-It Frog Lab!

🐸 Zelah had so much fun with her Dissect-It Frog Lab gift from @topsecrettoys! It's an innovative synthetic #frogdissection kit that allows kids experience of frog dissection without the use of a real frog! It's made out of gelatin-like material that is totally safe.

The set includes one frog complete with skeletal structure, all the organs, instructions, dissection table and plastic tools. It even two refill gel kits for more dissecting fun! What a fun way for Zelah to learn about and study everything inside a froggy. Easy instructions included for her to learn about the anatomy of a frog and the function of each organ. What a clever, odorless alternative to dissecting a #realfrog. The biodegradable gelatin material gives the frog form, but is still super easy for her to cut through with the safe, instruments included.

#TopSecretToys has all sorts of educational and #stemtoys besides the frog lab. They also have other #homelearning kits that can easily be used in a classroom setting as well. Other sets currently available are a Piranha, Salamander, Bat and deluxe versions of the #DissectIt Frog Lab. You can find them at


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