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🐼🦄🐧🦙🦖 Which 3d character storage cube design do you like best??


Which 3d character storage cube design do you like best?? The panda, unicorn, penguin, llama or dino? 🦙 We love the sweet llama character the nost! These foldable storage cube gifts are adorable and the perfect solution for organizing Zelah's room. I found them at the @clovercat_toys store on amazon and they make a wonderful solution for any mom who wants to maximize #kidsroom space.

They are the perfect 12x12x12 size so they can also fit on closet shelves too. Perfect #storagesolution for clothes, toys, books, puzzles, art supplies, photo albums, crafts and other just about anything else that fit in them. I love the designs, especially the llama and think they look great in all sorts of different rooms including baby's, kid's, family room, laundry area, closet, storage etc. I like to use them on the floor, in closets, bookcase, desk, shelving area, dresser, drawer, and cubbies too. Zelah loves how they're quickly collapsible and foldable and fold completely flat with the lid attached when not in use (see my pics). Then when ready to use they pop back up again in 3 seconds. Another plus is the soft but strong handles on each side so we can easily carry them around.

Check them out if you're looking to make storing and organizing your kids space cute, simple, fast and easy.



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