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Walkie Talkies 👪

Happy Father's day to all those great Dads out there today!! Jimmy and Zelah have been having fun playing around with these topsung #WalkieTalkies most of the day. These #radios have a two way radio with @NOAA so they're perfect to take along while hiking, camping or any other outdoor activity you need to keep up to date with the #weather conditions. They have a really long standing by time of around 48 hrs and come with rechargeable batteries and a micro-USB cable so you can charge by power bank or vehicle adaptor. Another plus is that they're compatible with any radio so you can communicate with other radios no matter what brand they are. My favorite thing about them is the weather scan that automatically scans through 10 available weather band channels and #NOAAWeatherAlert will sound an alarm indicating that there is a risk of severe weather in your area. 🙆 To learn more about these innovative walkie talkies visit ➡



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