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Veroni Authentic Italian Meats and Cheese

Today I made the most delicious sandwich with all these 100% authentic Italian cured meats #gifted from @veroni_usa. Veroni imported meats include #Prosciutto, Ham, #Salami, and Mortadella as well as packages combining #salumi and Italian Cheese. #Veroni is the real deal and one of only a handful of authentic #Italian cured meats imported from Italy for sale in the United States. I could really taste the authentic tasting difference in this meat compared to the typical cured meats I usually buy. It's like getting a real taste of #Italy. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think 🙆 Veroni meats and cheeses are currently available at some Costco's and several online gourmet delivery stores. To learn more about these authentic Italian meats and cheeses visit ➡


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