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Top 5 U.S. Cities to Move to in 2019

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Top 5 U.S. Cities to Move to in 2019

What are the top 5 cities to move to in the United States for 2019? Well, the answer to this question is not so cut and dry. Depending on whom you ask, the answer may differ significantly. There are varying views on how to determine the rankings of America’s best cities to relocate.

Here we will be referencing Niche’s most recent results of the top cities to move to in the U.S. The results are based on data gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. Census, the FBI, and the Center for Disease Control.

5. Plano, TX

This Dallas suburb is ranked high due to its ability to attract retirees, as well as families. This safe and diverse community is filled with acclaimed restaurants and bi-lingual schools, and a host of family-friendly activities.

Plano is also the home of the headquarters of 25 major U.S. companies. Among these companies are Frito-Lay, FedEx, JC Penny, Pizza Hut, and Dr. Pepper. The city has a population of 281,566.

4. The Woodlands, TX

The fourth-place city is also located in the state of Texas. The Woodlands, Texas, is an award-winning city near the Houston metropolitan area. Regarded by Niche to be the second-best city to raise a child in the U.S., the city is seen as the third best city to purchase a new home.

The golf scene in The Woodlands is considered some of the finest in the state, if not the whole nation. This predominantly-conservative community is home to 109,508 residents.

3. Berkeley, CA

Berkeley, CA, is highly regarded for its extraordinary public school system. Considered by Niche to be the number one healthiest U.S. city, Berkeley is a predominantly liberal area.

There are plenty of coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and parks in Berkeley, and it has an urban appeal with a high percentage of renters versus homeowners. There are 120,179 residents in the city.

2. Ann Arbor, MI

Known as a flourishing college town, Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a multi-faceted city with a lot to offer. With a top-rated school distric, Ann Arbor is extremely family-friendly. Just as Detroit real estate has rebounded over the past few years, the state of Michigan is an increasingly popular destination for relocation.

Ann Arbor is home to a plethora of young professionals, and the political climate is moderate. The nightlife in Ann Arbor also has an A+ rating. The city has apopulationn of 119,303.

1. Arlington, VA

Arlington, VA, ranks number one in Niche’s top 50 best cities to live in for 2019. The Potomac River separates Arlington from Washington, DC, and Arlington is a keen place for young professionals. With multiple diverse communities, excellent schools, restaurants, and shopping, Arlington is preferable to those that are looking for a city that isn’t too crowded.

The political views in Arlington tend to be on the liberal side. The population of the city is 229,534.


If you are looking to locate to a new city in 2019 or 2020, keep in mind the key factors when looking into a place to move. If you are looking to move your family or start a family, make sure you consider the school system, crime rate, and family-friendliness.


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