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💦 This kitchen playset from toylifestore is amazing!!! It actually has real running water!

💦 This kitchen playset from @toylifestore is amazing!!! It actually has real running water and a faucet that turns it on and off! This #playset also has color changing dishes and lots of other fun features. ad. We love how it comes so many accessories including a faucet that you can turn in and off, dish rack, sink tub type base, cups, plates, scrub brush, knives, play detergent and lots of utensils. One of my favorite things about this play set is how all the knives and plates will change to white if water temperature reaches over 91.4 F and the color turns back when it is cool. 💧 It's easy to set up and can be played with just about anywhere. You simply fill the basin of the sink with water and it uses an innovative water recycle system. I think this would make a fun and interactive gift for any little kid. To learn more visit ↪️



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