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💛  This Herbal Claypack from slo brew botanical is amazing!

💛  This Herbal Claypack from @slobrewbotanical is amazing! It's the first ever MOISTURIZING SKINCARE that prepares your skin for a long day of wearing MAKEUP. 💄 I love how this Geologist Herbal Claypack from #slobrewbotanical is specifically designed to be used  under my make-up. I simply apply this claypack before I put my make-up on and it creates a moisturizing layer protecting my skin from all those harsh toxic ingredients of foundations, artificial colors and more. #Dermatology studies have shown that it causes no irritation to #sensitiveskin and has 300% moisture retention lasting for up to 6 hours. 

This deep moisturizing and protection #claypack is made with #montmorilloniteclay and effective natural moisture boosting botanicals including yuzu ceramides, skullcap, #snowfungus and anti-pollution properties.


Super easy to use:

(1) Gently spread the claypack over your face.

(2) Wait 2-3 minutes until the claypack generates a silky moisturizing layer.

(3) Start your make-up as usual.

(4) The claypack layer shields off the make-up chemicals and keeps your skin moisturized all day.

I totally notice an improvement in my skin at the end of the day! To learn more and try it for yourself use code: Irish10 ➡️

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