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🍱 This bento box and suction bowl gift set from thedearestgrey make perfect lunchtime companions.

🍱 This bento box and suction bowl gift set from @thedearestgrey make the perfect lunchtime companions. I love the tie dye design of the Bento Box! It's a #oneofakind and fits perfectly into Zelah's lunch box. I also like how it can be placed in the freezer overnight to keep her food cold. The Bento Boxe has 3 sections and a secure lid.

🥣 The suction bowl can stick to just about any smooth surface, most counters or trays and is a super convenient on the go snack cup. The lid is perfect for when you have leftovers and it's safe to put in the microwave, dishwasher and freezer. The suction bowls have a clever quick release tab so you can remove them from surfaces mess free.


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