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🎤 This amasing karaoke machine is so much fun!!

🎤 We let Zelah open an early Christmas gift tonight! This @amasing.karaoke machine is so much fun!! It has tons of features and sounds amazing!! The design is beautiful and it has bluetooth speakers, 2 wireless microphones, led lights and a handy tablet holder. This is a super versatile #karaoke machine and an amazing speaker system for any smart device. 🎵 I love how the device holder easily attaches to the #karaokemachine and interchangably holds all of our smartphones or tablets. I also like how 2 people can sing at the same time with the sparkly wireless mics. 🎄 This machine would make a wonderful last minute gift that will definitely arrive before Christmas with amazon prime if you order soon. 🎅 Right now you can get $25.00 off when you clip and apply the coupon on the product page @amazon ↪️



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