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🎨 These painted pastel overalls from popsiclo are so cute and comfy!

🎨 These painted pastel overalls from @hellopopsiclo are so cute and comfy! They're designed to fit your body beautifully at every stage of life, through pregnancy and beyond. Wish I would of had these when I was pregnant because the waist stretches as you do throughout all of #pregnancy. I love the eco-friendly, lightweight natural fabrics and colorful custom prints! These overalls are made for #moms under 5’4" of different shapes and sizes. I'm 5'4" with long legs and the size I chose with the handy sizing chart fits my body perfectly. I also love all the functional features like the roomy side and back pockets. The front zippered pocket is also cute and handy. There are currently 3 different colors to choose from. Right now you can get 20% off your order with code: LOVE22 until 11/21/22 at



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