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Tazz Toys Teepee Tent 

Zelah had so much fun today decorating her teepee from Tazz Toys. It has beautiful pine poles and the tent is made of 100% cotton. It even comes with fairy lights and feathers! This teepee also has a waterproof base making it perfect for inside and outside use. We currently have it set up on our front patio but it's super easy to transport and take anywhere inside our house too. We love how it has so many different features like the two little windows with closing curtains, front closing flap and two big pockets that Zelah likes to store her favorite books and toys in. Imaginative play things like this are always so much fun because she can get creative with and customize it. So far she has added the fairy lights, feathers and a dream catcher to the top but we plan to also decorate it with paint, stickers or whatever else we can come up with. 🙆 To learn more about this cool customizable teepee check it out on amazon ➡



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