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Reviva Labs Natural Skincare 🌿

I love natural skin care and this bundle from @realrevivalabs is amazing. All their ingredients are safe, effective and cruelty-free. I received an assortment from their specialty and restoring collections of rose hibiscus hydrating facial mist, vitamin K crème, bamboo charcoal pore minimizing mask, coconut charcoal moisturizing day creme, makeup primer, light skin peel mild exfoliant, calming & cooling hydrating #mask, and the gently exfoliating fruit enzyme mask. I had a chance to try all of them over the past few weeks and really saw a difference in the way my skin looks and feels. The #makeup primer helped my make up last longer and I loved how the rose hibiscus facial spray made my face feel fresh and hydrated all day long. My favorite of them all was the charcoal mask because it made my skin feel incredibly soft. I love how it’s so gentle too and I use it every night. The calming & cooling hydrating mask came to my rescue! It really is slightly cooling and made my dehydrated skin look amazing! To learn more about @realrevivalabs natural skin care products check out



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