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Native Remedies 🌿

These 2 essential oils and hemp extract spray from @nativeremedies_petalive each have specific purposes. The lemongrass #essentialoil helps increase my energy, #aromasleep promotes sleep and I use the hemp extract for pain management. 🌿 The organic #hemp extract is a powerful 1000 mg and is u.s grown. It's super easy to use and I take eight sprays under my tongue as needed. The lemongrass essential oil smells amazing and has invigorating, stimulating, and balancing properties. The #AromaSleep essential oil blend has relaxing, calming, and sedating properties and is made of a wonderful blend of lavender orange peel, himalayan cedarwood, geranium leaf, ylang ylang, and frankincense oils. I highly recommend #NativeRemedies essential oils because they're 100% pure,

sustainably harvested, quality tested and made in GMP-certified facilities. Each batch of essential oil is physically inspected by hand for color, clarity, and viscosity so you know you'll receive the best of the best. 🌿 @nativeremedies_petalive has a huge selection of all sorts of different products designed to support your family's complete #holistichealth and wellness. To learn more and get 15% off + free shipping use my code: SHANNAN15 ➡



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