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Mic it Shine ♬

♬ We found this Mic it Shine microphone at @mybtoys. As you can see Zelah loves it and put on a little concert for us in our backyard. It has so many cool features and you can even record songs and modify your voice. ♬ The #microphone is easy to use by simply sliding the button to go from normal to crazy and record up to 40 seconds of 5 pre-recorded songs to drop lyrics or she can even record a sound for 6 seconds and loop It into a #song. We also love how the base lights up into a magical show.♬ We can also connect a smart device via bluetooth or an mp3 adaptor to hear all Zelah's latest favorite tunes on the microphone. What a great way to reduce screen time and instead have your kids put on a #karaoke show with #micitshine. ♬ To learn more visit ➡



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