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Live Virtual Yoga & Prenatal classes

🌿 Have you heard about @YogaPhamily yet? They offer Live Virtual Yoga & Prenatal classes. Did you know that #prenatal yoga during pregnancy has been proven to help prepare the body for childbirth and has a number of emotional and spiritual benefits? #Yoga offers an opportunity to tune into your sensations and to connect with your baby inside of you. A sense of community is also essential for any #momtobe. Connecting with other pregnant women provides a sense of support and can help ground you in your experience.


Prenatal Power is every Tuesday at 2:30pm PST and Prenatal Yoga is every Wednesday 5pm PST, and Sunday 9:30am PST.


This virtual Yoga Studio is made for families 👪 *Vinyasa *Restorative *Prenatal *Postnatal *Baby & Me and even Kids Yoga! Swipe left to see the class schedules ➡



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