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🌿 I've been taking phytogen from renubiohealth to help boost my immune system & balance my homones

🌿 I've been taking phytogen from @renubiohealth to help boost my immune system and balance my hormones and  love my results! I've been taking 1 cap a day for the past month and it has totally helped with cramps and irritability! The reason it works so well is because #phytogen is a natural estrogen hormone balancer that helps symptoms of both #pms and menopause. It totally helps with cramps, hot flashes, hair loss, and all the other bothersome female hormone imbalance symptoms.

🌿 It's made of some of my favorite all natural ingredients and antioxidants including #echinacea, coptis, astragalus, and schisandra. These natural antioxidants and phyto-estroegens help reduce oxidative stress, promote healthy blood sugar levels, boost the immune system and help me with all those symptoms related to hormone imbalances. To learn more and try it for yourself visit ➡️


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