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👟👟 I gave my fiance these sneakers today.

👟👟 I gave my fiance these sneakers today. I like the way they look and he says they're comfortable. These are the new OOTD Fresh Green Chunky Sneakers from @theunclehector. They make a great gift and I love the design combo of retro & modern! I like the cool looking colorblocking and buckled laces. They're a fresh take on the reimagined design calendar concept. This is a unique #ootd design for men's #platformsneakers in a variety of casual and #mensfashion styles. They look and feel to be well made with a rubber bottom surface and #evafoam so they have lots of cushioning.

🥾👟 Uncle Hector is a Austria Retro Trend Sneaker Designer with all kinds of cool looking shoes and boots. Check them out for some never seen before designs! Right now you can get $40 off with my code: CWQ76GMQFH15


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