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Have you heard about yet?

🏫 Have you heard about @readingkingdom yet?. It's a fun and effective way for kids ages 4-10 who are struggling #readers and kids who are on grade level but just want to #excel.📚 ad. It uses an innovative six skill model Phonics-PLUS" system that doesn't just rely strictly on phonics and includes so much more!!! Zelah tried using the @readingkingdom program a couple years ago when she was 3 1/2 but at that time it was fun for her but just a little too advanced for her age. Now that she is 5 we decided to give it another try and she loves it!!! She's been using it around 4 days a week for almost a month now and I've noticed a big improvement in her reading skills. I love how the #reading kingdom program is adaptive and personalized for each child so they can completely use the program on their own and at their own personal level.👨‍👨‍👧 Parents are even encouraged not to help the kids do the initial assessment so the program will be taylored for them appropriately. The @readingkingdom is perfect for kids ages 4-10 that want to improve reading, writing and comprehension up to a 3rd grade reading level. Most kids that use the program can reach their goals in only 12-18 months!! To learn more and get 10% off use my unique link ➡️


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