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Cray Cray Crate 🎁

I love everything about my personalized @craycraycrate 💖 it's packed with all sorts of unique personalized items and the ordering process was fun too!! I simply told them my interests by filling out a quick form so they knew what items I'd love to get in my crate After that they created and shipped it out within 10 days. My crate had a #Yoga for Kids and Their Grown-Ups Book, a 2 Tier macrame plant hanger, ceramic flower pot garden planters, a rose quartz facial roller, #BurtsBees - 100% Natural All Aglow lip & cheek stick and these gorgeous blue stone coasters. Right now you can get your own personalized @craycraycrate for 10% off all orders of $99 and up with code: HELLO2020X ➡




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