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Collecting medical records still remains to be a difficult thing to do!

I've been a nurse for over 20 years and have held various positions where I needed to collect patient's medical records. Collecting medical records still remains to be a difficult thing to do! Not just medical professionals but all Californians continue to face the dilemma of having to coordinate or even maintain their own medical records as they visit different healthcare providers, specialists, and pharmacies. 

My husband has been facing some health issues and he actually had to drive to one of his providers last week and hand deliver his medical records to another specialist. This is absolutely ridiculous and during all of this it's easy to see how pieces of medical records can  go missing. And in the event that someone can’t explain their own medical history to a caregiver, they’re totally out of luck. California’s medical professionals experience this problem on a daily basis and still often rely on fax machines to share patient  records. 

This is why I am an advocate for creating a statewide Health Information Exchange network that will allow nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers to immediately access a patient’s vital medical information electronically. If we all had this available it would totally improve community health, save lives and would play a vital part in responding to public health crises like the one we are all facing now. We need #cahealthrecordsnow @gavinnewsom @toni.atkins @rendon63rd @senatorskinner @philting @eggmansusan @asmdrjoaquinarambula @drpanmd @jimwood02 

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