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Check out this flap apart wallet case from onetopofficial.

Check out this vegan leather flap apart wallet case from @onetopofficial. It has lots of cool features and comes in many different colors. Love the detachable feature so I can use the case on the phone on its own or magnetically attach it to the wallet.

It has a clever design with lots of card slots plus it's made with RFID blocking material so I always know my cards are safe.The #rfidblocking feature prevents #skimmers from picking up your card information. #RFIDwallets contain a layer or wrapping made from carbon fiber or metal.

The wristlet strap of this wallet/case is super handy especially for #busymoms like me who need to have both hands free. I also love the kickstand design that's perfect for watching movies and reading #handsfree! To learn more about this innovative multifunctional wallet/ phone case visit



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