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📳 Check out this amazing car vent phone mount from peek of unique!

📳 Check out this amazing car vent phone mount from @peekofunique!! It's their new 2-in-1 #phonemount/ stand and it's currently 50% off!!! The Ultra 360° makes it super easy to attach your phone to any car's vent I like the location of being on the vent because it keeps your phone closer to eye-level so it's much easier to see and use while #driving. 👨‍👨‍👦 ad. We also love to use this fold out #phonestand to watch videos and use the ring as a phone holder for a better grip. What a clever way to make sure I never drop my phone again! It can easily rotate both horizontally or vertically for the most comfortable viewing angle. One of my favorite things about it is how it doesn't fall off the vent because it has a click-lock technology that holds the phone securely in landscape or portrait mode. 📳 This 2-in-1 phone mount looks and feels to be well made and I can tell it's built to last with its zinc-alloy metal components. To see all the different colors available and learn more about it's features swipe left and visit ➡️


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