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🖼️ Check out our custom photo tiles from

🖼️ Check out our custom photo tiles from @createonproducts! They are magnetic and perfect for displaying, building, and playing with the whole family. Playing with these adult-themed @magnatiles from CreateOn products helps me feel like a kid again. I had so much fun making this photo tile set with my family. CreateOn has a whole album of Magna-Tiles for displaying, building and playing with everyone in the house. You can create your own photo tiles through their website, grownups upload favorite pics and await a package of double-sided tiles that are compatible with all Magna-Tiles. The more tiles, the more creative fun! Two customizable sets are priced at $60 each. Choose the number (20 or 26 images?) and size (1 double sided large or 2?) of picture tiles of your most #memorablemoments.




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