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🩷 Check out hugtags! This is something I found that I wish my parents had because...

🩷 Check out hugtags! This is something I found that I wish my parents had because it can literally make positive developments to a child’s mind. And it’s so easy! I had fun writing the messages to Zelah and ironing them on her favorite bag and under the hem of one of her shirts. Zelah's reaction to reading the messages was so sweet and I know they made her feel loved

🩷 Hugtags are so easy to use! All you need to do is Simply write a message of positivity and love. It can be anything your child relates to; a message, their name, even a happy face. Something they recognize as you.Then, stick or iron the message under their shirt. They will have something to see and feel that let’s them know you are still there, that they are loved. Even when they are away from home.

🩷 This positive reinforcement builds your family bond, strengthens your child’s self-confidence, and, most, importantly, it develops the child’s mind to reciprocate positivity to others. You can find hugtags on amazon:

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Apr 19
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