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📕 I've been reading  JD Barker's latest book - Behind A Closed Door!

📕 I've been reading  J.D Barker's latest book

- Behind A Closed Door! It's my latest book obsession and one of those books you can't put down! If you like dark and suspenseful thrillers check it out! Release Date: May 13th!

❣️ Sugar & Spice is the latest app craze taking the world by storm, but for Abby and Brendan Hollander, downloading it leads to a dangerous game of life and death. When the app assigns them a series of increasingly taboo tasks, they soon find themselves caught up in a twisted web of seduction and violence in this sexually charged dark thriller! from the New York Times bestselling author of The Fourth Monkey—master of suspense, JD Barker.


You can pre-order it on Amazon



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