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🛏 Buzio Kids Weighted Blanket

Zelah fell asleep with her glasses on again! 😂 This #buziokids weighted unicorn blanket is an excellent way to help kids feel calm and fall asleep easier. It works wonders for Zelah and studies have shown that #weightedblankets help to facilitate #kidssleep with the constant cuddle-like pressure. 🦄 This blanket looks and feels to be very well made of minky fleece on one side and breathable cotton #unicorn print on the other side. It has an amazing 7 layer innovative design with the nontoxic odorless glass beads in the middle covered by 3 layers of anti-leakage protection so the weight is evenly distributed. One of my favorite things about it is the customized size options so it fits your child's body of about 10% of the child’s weight. 🛌 I ordered the 5 lbs 48” length, 36” width for Zelah and it's the perfect size and weight for her. To learn more and see all the different designs and sizes visit @amazon ➡





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