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💙 Zelah watched the Puffin Rock and the New Friends movie today..

💙 Zelah watched the Puffin Rock and the New Friends movie today with her puffin rock plushies and swag giftset! It's a wonderful family movie everyone enjoyed! April 16th shout studios 

Puffin Rock and the New Friends is available for home purchase • Ages: 2+ • Suggested retail: $2.99 rent, $6.99 buy

💙 The exciting adventure begins in Puffin Rock, a charming gem off of the coast of Ireland. It’s a warm community and beautiful habitat for all creatures big and small. It makes for an especially calm respite in the storm of migration, and it’s where we find puffin Oona, who looks after her baby brother, Baba, shielding him from any possible dangers the gorgeous flora or fauna may pose. When Puffin Isabelle and her stepbrother Phoenix arrive on the Rock, Oona knows all the things to do and games to play to help fend off their

homesickness. But there are still serious matters at hand. With their pals Flynne the Fox, May the Rabbit, and Mossy the hard-working Shrew on the job, everyone pitches in — even when Isabelle makes a misstep and has a hard time coming clean.

💙 You can find the  @puffin_rock_official plushies, book and puzzle on Amazon!

💙 Download the 90-minute @puffin_rock_official movie on Google TV, Amazon Prime Video & Apple TV to rent or purchase.



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