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🐘Zelah played with this adorable elza elephant all day yesterday!

🐘Zelah played with this adorable #gifted @elza.elephant all day yesterday and even fell asleep with her. This is the cutest interactive elephant that sings and plays peekaboo!! Catch Creations gifted her such a fun bundle of interactive #holidaygifts including a sketch light board, #galacticfidgetdrone and loonie launcher. The Loonie Launcher is a balloon launching toy and the galactic fidget drone is the most addicting flying drone ever! The talking and singing elephant is by far Zelah's favorite but the Sketch-a-Light LED drawing pad is a close second favorite. You can find these interactive toys by visiting @elza.elephant,@loonielauncher,

@galacticfidgetdrone and @sketchalight


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