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🍄 Zelah planted her own garden today in her new *My Fairy Garden Light Garden.

🍄 Zelah planted her own garden today in her new gifted *My Fairy Garden Light Garden from #chizcomm. This fairy garden is a toy that’s also a real live garden! The Fairy Light Garden comes with an adorable fairy house and when children blow on it, lights up like magic! To turn off the light you just blow on it again! The bottom area of the platform is where we added the fairy plant dirt and planted all the seeds. 🍄 Zelah loves the little fairy named Saffron and her cute little unicorn! There’s even a little pond and working water wheel that works by pushing a button. I think this would make a fun gift for any little girl ages 4 and up. My fairy garden can be found on amazon and other major retailers.


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