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Zelah loves 🏠

🤔 Well.. yesterday's covid cases were at an all time high and it looks like quarantine life might last longer than anticipated. 🏠 Finding new things around the house to keep Zelah entertained has become challenging but thankfully we found a new site #WondersAtHome 🙆 This new fun site was created by @splashlearn and it has tons of fun challenges & activities like creating your own dance moves, creating a pillow fort etc. Today Zelah enjoyed doing the #wonderchallenge of collecting 5 things that are circular in shape. Another cool thing about this site is you can instantly start the challenges by simply typing in your child’s screen name and choosing an emoticon that reflects how they're feeling that day. I'm happy to have found #WondersAtHome because it's entertaining, free, has no ads and is a safe place for her to learn. 👪 If your child is between the ages of 4-8 years and you're looking for new ways to keep them entertained at home visit ➡





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