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🔠 Zelah loves this montessori busy board!

🔠 Zelah loves this montessori busy board! I found it on @amazon. This #sensory board has 26 fun dressing practice games including shoe laces, #zippers, #buckles, #buttons, snap pockets and lots more. The #busyboard also has numbers, letters, colors, jigsaw puzzles and even a tic tac toe game! Montessori boards are especially useful for toddlers because they can improve #finemotorskills, strengthen hand-eye coordination, and develop creative and critical thinking through play.

🧩 It's also a wonderful choice for people with #autism, stroke, alzheimer's disease and #occupationaltherapist. I love the compact design so we can carry and use it on the plane, in the car, on vacation and camping. It's extremely well made and easy for Zelah to put the velcro pieces on and take them off. It's currently a great deal #onsale and available at



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