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💚 Zelah loves this game & activity therapy whiteboard system from amindtocare!

💚 Zelah loves this game & activity therapy whiteboard system from amindtocare! It's packed with fun and engaging screen free activities for people with developmental, cognitive challenges and/or motor skill limitations. I can see why pediatric occupational therapists love it for its versatility for kids sitting or lying on the floor. This compact, lightweight, portable system is so easy to use, carry and store! It's also a wonderful tool for older people with alzheimers, dementia, stroke, als and more. I love how it promotes social interaction, engagement, and positive emotions. The magnetic whiteboard sheets simply stick to the whiteboard so you can change it up in seconds.

✅ Zelah received the following activity sheets:

* Ladybug Draw and Color Activity Sheet - She loved drawing and coloring the cute images. The connect-the-dots exercises and the flower colorbynumbers are fun screen free activities.

* About Me Sheet - She had fun writing in her responses to some simple questions about who she is and things she likes.

* Mood Pointer - adorable engaging pictures of mood images to help with communication.

* Plane and Boat Activity Sheet - drawing and coloring with an airplane design connect-the-dots and a sail boat color-by-numbers.

* Weekly Planner - perfect for writing reminders about upcoming appointments, birthdays, household chores etc. At the end of the week we can simply wipe clean and reuse!

* Gardening Color Sheet - Super cute gardening themed image to color in.

💚 I also started reading Caring for the Caregiver. It's a 52 week journal with inspirational quotes, exercises and tips to help with stress. Love how each week I can look forward to a new chapter of selfcare. It's packed with useful caregiving tips and steps to manage stress and self-reflect. It gives me a sense of gratitude and positive well-being.

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