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🏰 Zelah loves her new bounce house castle!

🏰 Zelah loves her new bounce house castle giftset from yard inflatable ! It took her a few days to warm up to it because she has sensory disabilities but now that she feels comfortable & confident she spends hours playing with it. This is a wonderful way to get her outside and exercising! Besides jumping she also loves to bring music in it and use it as a fort. One of her favorite things to do is roll balls down the slide.

🏰 It is so easy to set up and inflates with the blower in under a minute. A few times our whole family was in it. This bounce house can hold up to 400 lb of weight and 3 to 4 kids can have fun jumping in it with no problems. The material is reinforced, double stitched and super strong . We have had it directly on desert dirt landscape in our backyard for a couple weeks using it daily and it has had no issues because it's so the material is so durable and thick. I also love how it has a safety net that keeps her protected while jumping but still is easy for my daughter to get in and out of the bounce house.

🏰 The kit came with everything we need including the instruction manual, carrying bag and repair kit with netting and several colorful patches. I can see us using this for all kinds of parties and events and as daily use outside play time for several years to come!

Best of all this bounce house is totally affordable! To learn more about this awesome bounce house visit



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