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🎄 Zelah loves her early Christmas present!

🎄 Zelah loves her early Christmas present! This weighted kids blanket from

@uttermara.official is exactly what I had been looking for! Weighted blankets are a wonderful way to calm and help kids feel peaceful. This #weightedblanket is designed to mimic the warmness and secure sense of #cuddles. It helps children naturally feel relaxed and eases agitation after a long day of study and play. The perfect way to calm them so they fall asleep. I love the confetti color block design and how it's hand woven so beautifully with the soft, weighted chunky yarns. It comes in different weights and sizes according to the size of your chold. I think this blanket makes a thoughtful and useful gift for any little one. It's currently available at the #uttermara store on amazon.



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