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🥘👩‍🍳 Zelah loves cooking games!

🥘👩‍🍳 Zelah loves cooking games! We found all kinds of fun, free cooking games for kids that don't have any ads or require any kind of downloads or app installs like most of the other free kids games sites we've tried. Her favorite games are Cooking Fever and Cooking Street!

🍔 The Cooking Fever game is a 50 stage burger lunch cart sim game where players serve cheeseburgers, fries, and drinks to hungry customers! Zelah has so much fun creating the dishes and serving customers what they request. So much fun preparing the hamburgers, buns, and fries in advance so when a customer orders she already has it ready. Each stage has a goal at the start, like earning a certain amount of income, serving a certain number of customers, or earning so much in tips. You can find it at

🥩 The Cooking Street game is Zelah's absolute favorite! It's a 150-stage steak restaurant simulation game where you serve customers steaks, sides, and drinks. Zelah has a blast

serving the customers what they request in their thought bubbles. It's a great trouble shooting game because it requires her to serve the customers quickly and manage many orders in a limited amount of time. To keep up with customer demand Zelah tries to have at least one cooked steak and one juice cup ready at all times. You can find this game here

👩‍🍳 If your kids love cooking games too check out Zelah's favorites! You can also find 100s of other free, ad-free games about various subjects that require no app installs or downloads here



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