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Zelah is excited to be one of the first to reveal the new GigaPets StarCat

🐱 Zelah is excited to be one of the first to reveal the all new releases and unbox this awesome gift box from @topsecrettoys @freemanprublicrelations!! 🐹🐈🐕🐱

Such adorable new and improved interactive virtual pets and some cool stuff from the 90s!! GigaPets is celebrating 25 years as the first-ever virtual pet from the 1990’s! The classic hit toy is back and better than ever!! It's reimagined and redesigned for hours of engagement and entertainment.

To make sure your GigaPets are happy and healthy you take care of them like you would a real animal, including feeding, cleaning, and playing with them. She received 4 awesome gigapets!! Her favorite of them all is the 25th Anniversary edition of CompuKitty, featuring the new GigaPet StarCat! This new and improved 2-in-1 #GigaPet, CompuKitty, is full of personality, surprises, and magic! We love her sparkly shell and the #nostalgic classic play pattern combined with the new surprises with #StarCat! It even answers questions and tells your fortune!  #GigaPets are now available at



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