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🥤 Zelah has had digestion issues since she was a newborn.

🥤 Zelah has had digestion issues since she was a newborn and I have tried several different things through-out the years to help with this. I started her on the 7 day trial last week and I'm so happy to of found something that actually helps!! This is a high quality and gentle blend designed to nourish growing toddlers and kids developing gut #microbiome. Microbiome

is the #goodbacteria living in and on us that is essential for human nutrition, development and immunity. The reason

GrowingUpPrebiotics worked so well with Zelah is because it actually feeds the beneficial #gutbacteria. This is so important for digestive comfort, regularity, and softer stools. The blend contains important ingredients including human milk oligosaccharide that has a molecular structure indentical_to the one found in breast milk. It also contains 3g Fiber which is a high quality source of fiber from chicory root for #digestivehealth. 🥤 I simply mix 1 packet into her milk or juice twice a day and this #prebiotic supplement totally works!! 💧 You can also mix the contents with water, a preferred drink or with yogurt and other foods as part of a snack or meal. To learn more and try a 7 day trial for your kids visit or ➡️ uup-prebioticsp-prebiotics

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