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Zelah has been using the rhyme_to_read program for the past couple weeks and is currently on book 11

Zelah has been using the @rhyme_to_read program for the past couple weeks and is currently on book 11. 🏫 These interactive step by step books and activities designed by teachers consist of 20 #storybooks and lots of fun #learningactivities 📚 ad.. Zelah could read a little bit before she started this program but now she is at a whole different level. The success of this program is rooted in simplicity. Young readers only need to recognize letters and letter-sound connections. Budding readers start with book one in the series, and as they advance through the books, previous word families are reinforced while they learn new ones. #rhymetoread is a super affordable and easily accessible platform that helps children master basic concepts of #earlyreading skills in such an enjoyable and interactive way. ,👨‍👨‍👦 It's available in their mobile iPad app with the entire series of books featuring an audio reader of the word families or as a digital download of the entire program that we can read on our computer. It can also be printed out for hard copies. I think it's perfect for ages 4 and up!! To learn more vist @rhyme_to_read or ➡️



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