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✍️ Zelah has been using her reusable dry erase print page board...

✍️ Zelah has been using her reusable dry erase print page board from school fundamentals in her o.t class for the past couple weeks! It has totally improved her handwriting and she enjoys using it and tracing over each letter. There is also space at the bottom for her to write her name without tracing.

👧👦 This is the

MY NAME/The ALPHABET double-sided, reusable page board. On one side, kids learn to write their name and the other side capital and lower case alphabet letters. The dry erase pages make practice easy for them until writing proficiency is mastered.  The set also includes a dry-erase marker. No need to worry about

StIcKy FiNgErS & GERMS because it's made of acrylic so it's easy to clean by simply rinsing with soap & water. I also love how the page (board) comes hole punched for easy storage in a binder.

School Fundamentals also has these available in cursive plus they have wall prints for the whole family. Check them out and get 20% off with code: SPRING at



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