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💜 💙💚🧡 Zelah has been making TangleCreations all day!

💜 💙💚🧡 Zelah has been making #TangleCreations all day with her holiday giftset from @TangleCreations. She received the huge tangle original textured and 3 of the smaller tangle Jr. classics. When in its coil shape, the Tangle Original Textured is approximately the size of a coffee cup. It’s the perfect Tangle for #sensory and #tactile fun for kids and adults of all ages with captivating bright colors, cool textures and a handful size. Its magic in the motion is perfect for harnessing the power of anyone’s #creativity! The tangle jr. classic is the original collectible #FidgetToy! It is so much fun to twist and turn - it's hard to put it down!

🎁 They make great gifts and are currently available at @learningexpresstoys @Nordstrom @Walmart and even the @MoMADesignStore! When shopping at, Get free shipping on domestic orders over $40.


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