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🐱🥒 Zelah has been collecting Cats vs Pickles plushies for the past year!!

🐱🥒 Zelah has been collecting @CatsvsPickles plushies for the past year!! She loves them and is super excited to receive this awesome #giftbox filled with new friends to add to her growing collection of all sorts of different silly, soft, bean-filled plushie cats of every variety! Foodie cats, sweet cats, #scarycats, fishy cats, cats with glasses, cats with class! Even cats for school that make great #studybuddies and rare pickles and so many other cuties!!

Cats are afraid of Pickles, but Pickles are misunderstood; they just want love! This endearing tale of friendship is a great way to teach #inclusiveness because it’s silly to be afraid of something just because it looks a little different.

Each plushie has a "heart hug" printed on the back so you know it's an authentic  #CatsVsPickles plushie! Zelah's gifted box included the huge Watermelon Hugging Plush, Jumbo Plush and three mystery bean bags. 🐱🥒 They're currently available @amazon @walmart,  @fivebelow, @clairesstores! To learn more visit  @catsvspickles or

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