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🍃 Zelah had so much fun #unboxing this Pea Pod Babies bundle!

🍃 Zelah had so much fun #unboxing this Pea Pod Babies bundle from @thinairbrands! 🎄 🎅 We will definitely be including both of these sets in our Top Toys Holiday #GiftGuide Christmas 2020 that I will be posting all about next month!! These gifted #PeaPodBabies make great gifts and are the latest collectible toy craze!! 🍃 Each Pea Pod contains three cylinders! The first cylinder has cute little bottles and other accessories you may need to feed them and play! The second cylinder has cute little clothes so you can dress them up and the third cylinder has your special bundle surprise pea pod baby! 🍃 Zelah is on her way to collecting all 24 babies! plus there is six rare and one ultra-rare set of twins! 🍃 To learn more and shop Pea Pod Babies visit ➡️



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