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🎅 ⛄ Zelah had so much fun today with her holiday poppers gift set from hog wild toys.

🎅 ⛄ Zelah had so much fun today with her #holidaypoppers gift set from @hogwildtoys. You simply put one of the soft foam popper balls, give the #popper a quick squeeze and watch the foam ball launch up to 20 feet! The harder you squeeze, the farther they launch! You can also shoot them at targets like the stickable numbered discs in our gift set (see pics). Zelah's favorites of the set are the new editions Gingerbread Man and Nutcracker Poppers! There are a total of 6 to #collectthemall. These #HogWildPoppers can be used for both indoor and outdoor play! Makes a great toy for stocking stuffers too. You can find them on Amazon



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