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💕 Zelah had so much fun today unboxing her Mini Brands Capsules!

💕 Zelah had so much fun today unboxing her early easter gifted set of Toys Mini Brands Capsules from zuru toys  mini brands. In this series of Toy Mini Brands, Series 3 Capsules! There are over 90 miniature toys and accessories to collect including ultra-rare frozen moments and mini money, which showcase credit cards and Zuru Toys very own miniature bitcoin!  Zelah was lucky to unbox the Black Beauty book!! It's one of their cutest miniature book limited-edition!!! You can find minis of your favorite toys from Hasbro, K'nex, Nee Doh, Tamagotchi and lo ts more. Collect them all to create your own mini toy store. Visit Amazon and Target for your own capsules. They make awesome Easter basket fillers!


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