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🛌 Zelah got to try out her new Navien Mate heated mattress pad and loves it!!

Zelah got to try out her new @navienmateusa heated mattress pad and loves it!! This gifted #mattresspad is digitally controlled and safe because it's non-electric and water powered! It also has a child safe mode parental control feature so we can set adjustment restrictions for her. You can even control the #Navienmate with a remote or WiFi control from your phone where you can use lots of features including fast heating, sleep mode, child lock, and voice guidance. We like it way better than a #heatedblanket because its safer, doesn't have bulky wires and the water heating technology ensures an even heat without the risk of fire or overheating. I plan to get a king sized one for my bed and love how it has the separate heating zones so you control your side of the beds exact sleep temperature. Heat is such a great way to get relaxed and ease aches and pains too!. Another plus is how this #ecofriendly technology saves up to 50% on electricity compared to electric heating mattress pads because this one recirculates water. 🛌 To learn more visit ➡️


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